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We arrived Saturday morning to a Tykkere hår  the fish were moving around everywhere throughout the lake and we investigated and chosen to angle as 3 gatherings of sets. Jason and Phil settled on the shoreline, Damon and Bill fancied the stages and my Dad and I hopped in the tin hovel swim.

 Subsequent to setting up the Hårtap and getting everything sorted we got the bars out and begun to goad a few ranges, I chose to angle similar zones I angled in my short May 2 nighter as they appeared a decent place to begin so with 2 draws along the edge to one side and one marginally farther to one side off the teased territory, a blend of boilies, partiblend and pellets were spooned out and my Dad got the chance to work with spodding his untamed water region on my right side, the climate was hot and we were soon prepared for supper and a rest... the fish had different houghts!

 My Håravfall  was the first to go and the principal fish of the session was in the net, just 17lb however great to get the first added to the repertoire... pull out with the bedeviled fix, which was a short flourocarbon firm connection with a snowman introduction and another a large portion of a basin of trap was saved around the zone. Amid the night I was remunerated with a 22lb normal and a 23lb mirror. http://www.viviere.no/hartap/


  Få tykkere hår was cloudy and warm and the fish were in encouraging mode and I began off with a twofold, then a 26lb 8oz then the initial thirty at 30lb 2oz... all around chuffed! Ringers were beginning to go off all round the lake and everybody was getting great including a decent 38lb for Jason. For the duration of the day I represented another 8 carp including another thity at 31lb 6oz and a pleasant 34lb 8oz for my Dad among others.

  Monday Fiberanslutning företag  begun to rain a bit yet the fish still continued coming and I took 7 more fish to mid twenties then Tuesday the activity hindered a little for me yet regardless I oversaw 4 carp to 29lb 12oz and the activity began thick and quick for my Dad as the fish moved onto his vigorously goaded territory and he rapidly took 6 fish to 38lb. https://www.viviere.no/

Jason and Phil chosen to move down to the center swim between the islands and the dam divider swim inverse me and were getting fish from the off including a colossal rake of 20s and two or three 30s for Jason and Damon and Bill were currently getting admirably as well after a move to the shallows beaten by a 36lb mirror. We as a whole Tykkere hår  and the  Tykkere hår  from spots just intensely teased 30 minutes before, we were certain the fish were wiping us out by the measure of effervescing and percolating going ahead in the swims despite the fact that we were finishing up the swims with loads of lure all the time. Amid the night I was awoken by the sound of a shouting grip, Jason had snared a major catfish which race to 100lb and I could hear his reel from the opposite side of the lake!... lamentably the snare pulled after a hard fight however we caught some littler ones during the time to around 20lb.

Wednesday commenced well again for me and I got a further 10 angle including another thirty at 30lb on the spot and another thirty for my Dad at 32lb. Thursday and Friday hindered up a little for me with just four more fish coming to mid-twenties and five more to my Dad. The spots for alternate young men were truly commencing now and they were getting reliably day and night. Phil got a decent 35lb mirror and after that another 30 on his birthday, grins all round and a jug of champagne benevolently given by Ian the proprietor was broken.


Please visit on it - http://www.viviere.no/hartap/




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